We value our customers and are dedicated to building a lasting relationship with all of them. To put it simply, we understand the products we supply play an important role in our customers lives and businesses. Therefore, we make it our number one priority to supply top quality products, manufactured using only the best raw materials available on the market.

We are proud to have a team of professionals who work in close tandem with each other and our clients. The hard work of our team members ensure the project is successfully completed, meeting and surpassing client expectations in every step of the manufacturing process.


Goldridge Investment Limited is a precious metals-focused royalty and streaming company offering creative financing solutions to the metals and mining industry. The Company acquires royalties, streams and similar interests at varying stages of the mine life cycle to build a balanced portfolio offering near, medium and longer-term attractive returns for our investors.

Our diversified portfolio consists of over 190 royalties located in mining friendly jurisdictions throughout the Americas. This provides investors with lower risk exposure to gold with free exploration upside on the underlying projects.



We foster genuine partnerships and deliver on our commitments to partners. Earn trust, and create transparency to build and enhance enduring partnerships between our employees, shareholders, stakeholders and with the countries and local communities in which we operate.

Results Driven

We are results-driven through agile decision-making and disciplined execution. Keep it simple and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.

Be Honest, Transparent and Act with Integrity

We communicate directly, honestly and transparently. Create platforms to enable employees to feel free to voice their opinions. Act with integrity, always.

Responsible and Accountable

Act as owners, respect each other as peers and work as a team towards achieving our mission (One Team, One Mission). Take initiative. Own up to mistakes and learn from them. Drive change. Lead by example and always look for ways to make things better.

Build a Sustainable Legacy

We earn our social license by being a valued member of our host communities by creating economic activity. We manage the impact of our operations and strive to be the industry leader in safety, health and environmental practices.

World-Class People

Attract and develop strong, world-class people who are informed and involved in the processes of the company. Who act with integrity, and are tireless in their pursuit of excellence.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

We are committed to partnering with our host countries and communities to transform their natural resources into tangible benefits and mutual prosperity.

At Goldridge Investment Limited, our sustainability strategy is our business plan. We resolutely believe that successful modern mining companies must deliver long-term value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Beyond that, they must also operate responsibly, and manage and mitigate their impacts on the wider environment, including the biophysical, social and cultural environment. We also believe that fundamental stainability concepts such as building climate resilience, responsibly managing water use, protecting biodiversity and poverty eradication are inextricably linked and are best managed holistically.

Creating Value for All Our Stakeholders

We are committed to partnering with our host countries and communities to transform their natural resources into tangible benefits and mutual prosperity.

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